Hangar Doors

Hangar Doors

Motorized, bottom rolling hangar door systems can be configured for bi-parting, floating groups or individually operated leaves.

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Hoist-UpFabric Doors

Hoist-Up Fabric Doors

Special fabric door systems for large hangar door or industrial door applications. The IDI Parthenon Door is the only door of this type to be 100% Made In America.

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Rollup Fabric Doors

Roll Up Fabric Doors

IDI U.S. Jet Doors are an excellent choice for smaller commercial or industrial door applications. High speed operators starting at 32" per second.

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Vertical Lift and Dock Doors

Vertical Lift & Dock Doors

Vertical lift door systems are available in single or multiple leaf configurations and can be adapted for a wide variety of uses.

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Canopy Doors

Canopy Doors

Canopy doors are available for hangar door openings or industrial type openings which have minimal headroom.

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Crane Doors

Crane Doors

Crane door systems are available as a single leaf tilt up canopy door or a vertical lift door and are designed for the largest crane spans in our industry.

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turnover doors

Turnover Doors

IDI turnover doors are very similar to our popular vertical lift door design. This is the door of choice for industrial applications with limited headroom (2' or more)

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fourfold doors

Four Fold Doors

IDI four fold doors are an excellent choice for rail entry systems or fire stations. IDI four fold door systems can be installed in openings with limited headroom (2' or more)

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sliding doors

Sliding Doors

Available as single leaf or for bi-parting installations.  IDI sliding doors can be manufactured as top hung units or bottom rolling  for heavier loads.

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blast resistant

Blast Resistant Doors

IDI manufactures custom blast doors in vertical lift and sliding door configurations. Regardless of your blast rating requirement IDI has a design that will work for you.

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fire rated doors

Fire Rated Doors

IDI fire doors are available as vertical lift or sliding doors and are rated up to 3 hours (UL A label). IDI fire doors bear an affixed UL label with certain size limitations.

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acoustical sound control doors

Acoustical Doors

IDI acoustical doors are manufactured with sound ratings up to STC 55 or greater. IDI acoustical doors are available in vertical lift, sliding or hinged door designs.

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special purpose doors

Special Purpose Doors

Special door systems are available as; large roof hatches, top hung sliding systems, large hinged door system or any special, custom design that your project requires.

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safety edges

Safety Edges

IDI manufactures reversing safety edges as either electric or pneumatic units. All safety edges are custom built and fit for each door system.

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control panels

Control Panels

All IDI control panels are UL approved and are custom manufactured for your specific project control requirements.

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parts service and preventative maintenance

Parts, Service & Preventative Maintenance

IDI offers nationwide service and preventive maintenance programs for all types of hangar/industrial doors - regardless of manufacturer.

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